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Still-life drawing by Jenny

Life in Food

Hi, I am Jyotsana Sharma and I am an Artist & Graphic Designer. As I Spend my last 5 yrs for art and communicates through my artworks to the society.

Art is time for me and its important like time is important for me in life.

Time: With shrinking deadlines to get an art piece commissioned is the biggest challenge. Art is a creative process which takes time. With so many art tools available, one can get any amount of artwork done in no time. This is frustrating for the real artists because their market is eaten away in this process.

Drawing Academy will give me the hope and strength to my artworks by their professional team.

I am a freelance artist from last one year and a housewife. I wanted to win this drawing academy course to perform well in future and improve my skills.

Because I actually wanted to learn drawings with dedication and I really mean the value of it.

Still-life drawing by Jenny

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