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Can I really draw?

By Marie-lyne Morant

I am a wig dresser, I work in the theatre, it isn’t a full time job but I love it. As I also come from a makeup background I have always loved to draw and paint, but on a canvas? I am not sure I would be able to master that discipline.

I can certainly paint a face as art is my life, I work and breath it, backstage I watch my live canvas singing on stage.

As I watch them perform I think, I would like to draw and then paint this artist singing and performing, I would love to capture that amazing moment when they are on top of the world doing what they love, I would capture it on a large canvas and they would be so beautiful.

Then there is the reality, where to start, how to start and do I have the skills, can I learn those skills?

I have seen so many drawing and painting courses online without inspiration, but the Drawing Academy online courses have captured my attention. The videos I have seen online introducing the classa show the careful detail in which each element is taught. This course looks amazing, a thought comes to mind, maybe I can learn after all.

The art is beautiful, timeless, serene and yet it grabs your attention and makes you want to know more, makes you strive for that perfection; in the features, the skin tone, the gaze, it is absolutely stunning.

This is a culmination of years of dedication and practice and love in ones work, and who better to teach you than someone whose skills are those you admire. You may never reach their perfection but the experience of trying and the joy in the journey fills one with hope that they too may be able to create art that will in turn move someone else and make them stop and gaze at your art with wonder.

I would hope that the readers too may wonder what one can do when given the opportunity to do something they have longed to for years, but never had the opportunity, and here it is today.

I want to create art that lives on beyond my years and inspires people to do more, to go beyond their comfort zone and push them to do what they deeply strive to do and most of all, to enjoy the journey.


Can I really draw?

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