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Artwork by Lysa Holdy

Freedom to Dance

I have always been interested in Art. As a 19 ur old and pregnant I used charcoal from the fireplace to draw with. I am now retired and am trying to learn to paint in oils and draw portraits. Learn to draw has been a main factor in learning portrait perspectives. I decided to draw this rabbit and push myself to learn to.

Paint fur and shiny ballet slippers. I like to push myself to do things I have never done before and I like to try difficult things.

I would dearly love to win the Drawing Academy course so that I could learn more about portraits and perspectives.

I love this site it is so smart and helpful. Art is taking a large portion of my life. Any votes appreciated. Winning this would mean I am able to be taught the correct way and keep going doing the thing I love the best without having to concern myself about not having the money to pay for it. How wonderful to have the best teachers.
Please vote for my hope.

Artwork by Lysa Holdy

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