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Artwork by Ndu Sunday

Ndu ARTz

I am a young man of 40yrs from Abia state in Nigeria. Being born with the gift of art I never thought it worthwhile until the year 2014 when I stumbled across a young artist who took art as career and was good at it. He tutored me and now am tutoring others.

Since then I have been enjoying myself producing artworks for people at a price, I mean I’m being paid to do what I enjoy.

My dream now is to own the biggest and best gallery with training centre in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. My works ranges from mixed media paintings, tread works, sculptures, graphics designs, murals etc.

Art is my recreation and my life style, it play a major part in my life in that it helps me to relax.

The challenges I have in art is that I have so many ideas but constrained by resources to produce them and by resources I mean the necessary machinery and finances to put up a production factory and a gallery in Port Harcourt where people visit.

I want to learn more on human figure drawing and portraits.

Drawing Academy is splendid, I would love to be a part of it by affiliating my training centre to it.

I am good in Art,…can’t you see!

Artwork by Ndu Sunday

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