Still Life

Still Life

Story and artwork from Aira

I’m Aira, I’m someone who likes to draw anything that makes me feel like “BEAUTIFUL”. I’m self taught and I always want to draw lots of things (scene, people, objects, animals, birds, all the imagination I ever had). And when I draw for someone else, that feeling of satisfaction and happiness from their positive reactions, I just love it even it’s negative reaction, it helps me improve a lot.

I used to draw since childhood, at first it was for fun in free time. I even stopped drawing for more than 2 years due to some reasons. But here I’m, I found the joy which I left that came from Drawing.

When I found about Drawing Academy via Youtube, I was like Wow. I always wanted to learn basics of Art to higher level. I can draw little bit but I lack basics And Fortunately, Drawing Academy has very good classes for such basics to higher level.

When I get to be enroll my skills will definitely drastically improve.

It will help me a lot of I win this competition, and It’s fine if I don’t win, at least I tried, right.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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