Sharing stories through art

Sharing stories through art

Story and artwork from Kareem M. Alkazak

My name is Kareem, currently working as an Architect and always had the passion for drawing since I was 10 years old.

I always struggle with expressing myself to other, and drawing to me was and still my get away from all the frustration and pressures that surrounds us everyday. I express how I see life and experiences through my hand and I can be very hyper-focussed while drawing.

As challenges; since I started drawing I used graphite pencil and a little colored pencil, I tried acrylic for some time but couldn’t master the medium, color matching and mixing to be able to use it properly to express thoughts and make meaningful pieces.

Lately I started learning Charcoal and digital drawing and painting and it’s kind of fun experience and I wish one day I would be able to understand each medium expression traits and use it to communicate with others better.

I find it also difficult to summon the forms and structures that I learn from imagination with confidence due to lack of structured learning.

What I wanted to learn in art is more understanding of the structure of the world around me, better appreciation for its architecture as a whole and the ability to highlight the beauty of each subject I’m drawing so others would notice and appreciate also.

Drawing Academy was one of the few resources that I found that treats art as respectfully and seriously as I believe it should be.

I wish I would be able to win the course to have the necessary feedback to improve my work and be more confident with my strokes, idea expressing, and story telling.

I appreciate art as a way of human expression and communication: as any other mean of teaching and information handling asset: I think I would appreciate having a chance to improve my skills so can pass my experiences and observations and the essence of art as a human experience to other generations to come. This is why I would appreciate if people would chose my work.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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