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Sara Daryaa

Sara Daryaa

Story and artwork from Sara Daryaa (mofidi)

My name is Sara Daryaa. I’ve been interested in drawing since I was a child. In my opinion drawing ideal for contemporary use as a reflection of reality. I dreamed about making people a bit slower and see reality filled with signs, this is why I’m so near to naive art.

I know how to communicate feelings with mind.I am fully confident that the academy drawing will teach me how to be more accurate in interpretation of ideas thoughts. I think visualisation of beauty in people’s mind is a path to this idea that is how i see the main goal in art and in myself.

Undoubtedly that is why the Drawing Academy course is so close to me.

My head and my hands are trained enough for many years due to this i can absorb all important things that your academy is offering.

Sincerely yours
Sara Daryaa (mofidi)

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  1. Maryam Dustan says:

    I like the ambiguity in this painting the woodpecker is portrayed negatively in the first sight it seems that it is a vision of irritating thoughts that comes to the mind by knocking repeatedly during depression; On the other hand it is signaling the opportunity and is knocking to the door of mind which is deeply in its thoughts to warn to take the chance and is drawing her attention. Well done Sara!

  2. Miloo says:

    In my opinion, this is a picture of an officer girl whose disturbed thoughts penetrate her mind like a woodpecker. On the other hand, it is a picture of a lonely girl that a woodpecker wants to be with as a friend.

  3. RoyaAlavi says:

    It is so sad that it seems her psyche is dead and nothing makes her happy. Helplessness is portrayed and there is no motivation for her.

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