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Hello, My name is Seerat Mand. I am a bachelors student of first year and pursuing my humanities. I won’t say that I had always been fascinated towards arts or it was my hobby because that’s not true. Actually, I evinced interest in art when I was in ninth grade and at that time I came to know from the internet, which was newly installed in our house that people out there are so talented and are making unbelievable realistic artworks, at that time I decided to start learning art with all my sources and sincere efforts. As Che Guevera said that if you wont get something until you are ready to die for it, in the same way I am ready to stake my life to achieve my goal in art. It is the part of my soul. And I had even staked my entire future for art, it is not only a boast! I was asked to choose art or humanities in spite of the fact that i was a merit holder in 12th grade in humanities, but I chose art, however, after an experience of a month, I realised that there was nothing in their course that I wanted to actually learn, I was compelled to do art there and art is not slave of any compulsion, it pours into your heart like gentle rain from heaven.

So I still face a lot of challenges like anatomy skills gesture, figure drawing portraiture, perspective, foreshortening and a lot more.

I think Drawing Academy is a good platform for artists as first of all, its affordable than other online art academies, their tutors give personal attention towards academy members and understands their issues and answers each and every question asked to them. I want to win the Drawing Academy course so that I can improve my art skills and my fellowmen should vote for me because I am an young art aspirant who inspire of no art background want to achieve my dreams of art and only you people can help me do so. So I wish you all vote for me.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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