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Artwork by David Davies

Artwork by David Davies

I am David Davies, I am a lover of arts and also a work of art. I don’t see art as a passion nor as a profession, I see it as Life, I call it “the world beyond”. It has always been a dream since childhood to speak without uttering a word, and go places without leaving my room, and this path I have been walking, but I have always noticed that there was something missing, something I couldn’t or wasn’t able to get all by myself, and that is the act of getting it right!

I have seen a lot of online classes but could not just afford them, until one day I was on the internet doing what I love most (Learning…)

And I came across Drawing Academy, and I discovered they had all I ever needed to step up the ladder and I see this as an opportunity to learn from great people in this industry, and also as a means to achieving and living in my dream.

I wanna be best at what I want and do and I can’t be if I don’t have proper training and education, this course is just gonna be a life changer, exactly what I need.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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