Portrait by Barbara Perez

Portrait by Barbara Perez

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I was born and raised in NYC (Bronx, NY), I now live in a small town near Albany, New York.

I have been drawing since before I could write my name, but I never pursued art as a career. For almost 30 years I have worked in business administration, my entire adult life. Recently I took the leap to pursue a career in art, but I have no real formal training, and that limits my creativity greatly. I also feel stunted as far as what to create, what to sell, etc… Urgh!

So right now I am basically a starving artist (I work at Michael’s art store part time to help).

I started a correspondence art course, and then learned about Drawing Academy, and I can’t afford to do both courses.

Drawing Academy is more in depth, better equipped, and better accessible than the correspondence course I’m taking, so it would be great to win this course!

I have always been told that I am talented, I just don’t want to grow old and regret that I never gave it a shot, and wonder what could’ve been…

And hey, if you don’t vote for me, thanks for taking the time to read my story!

Portrait by Barbara Perez

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