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Painting by Malathi Venkat

Painting by Malathi Venkat

Unrestrained gushing waters

Art is the island of serenity that I seek refuge in during moments of turmoil. While some may see the lack of a formal teacher of art as a handicap I see it as an opportunity to explore every nuance and try my hand at every aspect of the field. Whether it is the choice of medium or the choice of subject I have experienced the freedom to try my hand at all, and excel at some. I have drawn using oil and acrylic on canvas; I have created several Tanjore paintings; I have worked with glass, wood and paper. More recently I am attempting sculpture. Now I realize that a formal program of learning provides the structure that a free-wheeling attempt at learning doesn’t. And that’s what brings me to Drawing Academy and the promise of refining my experience into a formal course with a timetable. Over the years we have moved continents as a family and in addition to raising two fine daughters, who are also artists in their own right, I have strived to continuously hone my talent and improve my skills.

I think Drawing Academy would channelize my art in a defined and structural course of learning and improving.From what I have seen, I find the instructors of Drawing Academy to be highly talented and professional in both teaching as well as patiently answering the frequently asked questions from the students. I feel the Academy will be the right place for me to learn the course with the kids’ routine as well as mine to have an unforced pace but at the same time get full credit to understanding and progressing in art. I would like to win this course as a challenge and morale boost of my confidence in taking art as a course which has been a mental block for years. I think people should vote for me seeing that I have the potential to improve my talent and also the perseverance and interest in learning anything new with utmost sincerity and dedication. Art has always been a passion for me and close to my heart all these years. People who know me know that I get a lot of satisfaction when I paint and I am sure they would vote for me to see the dexterity of my talent increased.

Painting by Malathi Venkat


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