Artwork by Ahmet Yolacan

Crying boy

I am 47 years old. I am working as a designer but I did not go to the school for this. But I am loving this job and I want to improve myself. But it is not easy without any help for me. At the high school I was drawing and painting well and all teachers were advising me about going to Art School. But it was only hobby for me. I never thought I will do it as work. But as the days past I am regretful about not to go an art school.

When I am making design, I can’t start easily. I need to see another person’s works to start. I can’t feel free or believe myself enough. I have a lot of idea to do but I can’t realize them easily. If I draw easily and correctly it will be easy for me. I believe that It will improve my vision to object and subject. Also, I want to use drawings at my works. After I saw your website I started to try improving my drawing.

I believe Drawing Academy will be step on my ideals and help me gain self-confidence. By voting you will help me about this.

Artwork by Ahmet Yolacan

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