Artwork by Antonella Sigismondi

Artwork by Antonella Sigismondi

Colorful Shadows

I am an Italian artist who studied in Toronto, Canada, and made a career making glass and metal sculptures and furniture. After becoming ill from the toxic fumes, I stopped working as a sculptor. My life circumstances have now moved me to Italy and am taking care of my elderly parents. I have begun painting but would love to have a career as a painter and drawer here in Italy.

I feel like I need to learn more about measurements and angles both for the face/head and the body. I want to learn proper shading techniques and perspective which I never learnt in school.

The Drawing Academy would allow me to work from my home which is so important to me right now, and add new dimensions and meaning to my art. I want to be able to comfortably compose, draw and paint more than one person on the canvas or paper and in situations I can imagine! This is the missing link. Please vote for me to help me make my dream become a reality! Thank you.

Artwork by Antonella Sigismondi

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