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Artwork by Leandro Lemos

Artwork by Leandro Lemos

An artistic and technological boy

My name is Leandro, I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I am a great lover of the plastic arts. I’m a network technologist and I work for the federal government.

Here in Brazil we do not have many opportunities to live in art, if I did that I would be starving, but it is what I love the most and that is what I do the most when I have any interval of time. I need professional advice to be able to improve my art and make progress in my artistic career.

My main mission would be in the part of portraits drawings, I want to improve my traits and discover new forms and materials. I have a passion for anatomy and human body, these are the areas that give me the most pleasure in drawing.

I already had arts classes but they were very expensive and I could not pay. My goal is to earn the Drawing Academy Arts course to perform in person. painting and drawing is what I love doing, winning this contest is going to be a very big achievement in my life. It will make me grow gigantically artistically and help me to make myself very happy. That’s the reason people should vote for me.

Artwork by Leandro Lemos


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