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Painting by Jessica Dowling

Painting by Jessica Dowling

Goghing Places

I am a anthropologist and an artist. My fascination with art, culture and history has shaped my work as an artist.

Art has been a big part of my life. Ever since I was little I have kept a sketch book with me to record everything and everyone I see. I have always wanted to be an art teacher and have been accepted into a Masters in Art Education Program.

The greatest challenge I face when it comes to art is accurately drawing people. I love people and I want to capture their dignity and beauty so much. I have spent many hours studying human anatomy and drawing models. This is the area that I struggle with most.

I want to learn how to draw like the masters, the proper way to draw that way I can carry on the tradition with my future students. I have tried very hard to study the masters myself, but found it difficult knowing where to start!

I think Drawing Academy is a fantastic site that allows artists to get back to the basics and study art the way it should be studied. I really appreciate how Drawing Academy gets back to the basics in studying the masters.

I want to win the course that way I can become a proficient artist, knowledgeable in the classic study of the arts. In doing so I can pass it down to my future students, to inspire a new generation to get back to the roots of art and the study of art.

People should vote for me because I will use this course to shape the next generation of artists.

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