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Artwork by Deborah Lloyd

Artwork by Deborah Lloyd

Sacred Spoonbill preening

I am an amateur artist living in the Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Art allows me to understand and depict the wildlife that I love because it forces to study my subject. This is a sacred spoonbill found in the wetlands close to where I live.

I normally work in acrylics and watercolour and have only recently discovered pastels.This was my third attempt using this medium. I have never drawn on black paper before and experienced many challenges with this piece. I had problems understanding how to create suitable contrast and interest then decided to use blue for this purpose. I think it worked quite well. I want to develop and extend my skills by trying new mediums and drawing different subjects.

I like the structure and content of the Drawing Academy material and the accessibility. I am seeking the structure of the Drawing Academy course to make a commitment to draw and develop my skills each day. Winning the course would provide this for me.

I will use this course to develop and improve my skills. I am an untrained artist so am seeking guidance in many areas of art to keep improving.

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