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Artwork by Tobias Höglund

Artwork by Tobias Hoglund

Childhood passion found again


When I was a kid I was into super hero comic books and like most kids in that age I attempted to draw some super heroes of my own. Later I got more into fantasy art and as a grown up my focus shifted towards the academic art. Drawing and painting is just a hobby but in the most recent years I have made an effort learning the foundations through various courses and online tutorials.

I really appreciate the process of learning and when I am not working or spending time with my family I try to get as much drawing time in as possible.

I have noticed that one key component in learning is feedback and that is something you can’t get from books or you tube clips. That is the first reason I find Drawing Academy so interesting! The second reason goes back to my childhood love for comic books. The greatest comic artists have the ability to draw the human figure in a large variety of poses and angles and placing them in exiting environments.

Drawing the figure without being a slave to reference is a skill I admire and strive for and that seems to be the philosophy here at the drawing academy. I like the idea of using references to learn what things look like and how light behaves and incorporate that into your own ideas.

Every vote for me will take me one step closer to my childhood comic book art dream.


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