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Painting by Ina McClelland

Painting by Ina McClelland

Beautiful Trees in Kenya

I began painting 10years ago. I fell in love with Art while I was in Rome. I visited the Vatican and Trevi Fountain. After which I flew to Paris and visited The Lourve. I have travelled a many places while I was in the Airline Industry.

I had very close friends in Mombasa and my Swiss Friend began to teach me to paint on glass. Its then I began to try to paint on canvas, I lost my friend he passed away. However I keep trying and people like my paintings. I wish to learn to draw. I did not have the chance to go to art school, although I still keep trying to paint.

I suffer from sadness, as I have lost so many I have loved. And to paint gives me a lot of solace, it help me to forget many sad things that have happened.

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