Artwork by Charles Gilliam

Artwork by Charles Gilliam

Every image tells a story

I am a retired professional graphic designer and illustrator. Over the fifty years I worked in that profession I worked to create illustrations that sold a product or told a story. After retiring continued to paint images that allowed my viewer to write their own story as that looked at each of my paintings.

Art, my paintings, allow me to write visual stories. To, hopefully, take the viewer on a trip into beautiful places and to experience the story they are seeing. But as an artist I recognize that I must never be content to just do what I am doing. Being an artist is a growth process. We should never stop growing and learning how to be better, and for me to tell a better story.

Some people say that what I am doing is being and “illustrator” and not an “artist.” That is fine. Leonardo da Vinci once said, “The intellect or the imagination guides and checks the senses, but the things that are imagined move them.” I want those who look at my work to be moved.

The Drawing Academy course will allow me to grow and improve in how I see and how I execute the images that I paint which in turn allow me to tell a better story.

I can only hope that those who vote will see the truth in what I say and want to accomplish the same as me in their art, and in doing so see a fellow artist and cast there vote for me. Thank you for allowing me to express these feelings about my art and giving me an opportunity to expand.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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