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Painting by Carol-Lynn Bond

Painting by Carol-Lynn Bond


I’m a woman, 71 years of age, and have been painting seriously since I was 14 years old. I adore painting and drawing, always have, always will, and art is the major passion in my life. I’ve been privileged to be able to sell a few dozen or more of my paintings, and I get the biggest thrill when people want my work and tell me that they love it.

My challenge in art is a lack of skills with the brush in oil painting. Because I’ve painted so much in watercolour, I haven’t had enough practice in oils and I want to learn the very best techniques so I can have an exhibition in oils and watercolours on my 80th birthday. What a way to go!

I believe that the Drawing Academy offers the most extraordinary course that I can utilize to achieve my goal. The quality of the course appears to me to be the most excellent offer online, and I’m so very keen to do it.

I’m currently studying online for a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in English and History, and when I have my degree I want to write a book to publish. Imagine how super it would be to publish a book about my learning experience with the Drawing Academy, and have my own paintings in the book! Please vote for me because I have a totally exciting and achievable goal for the final years of my life. Thank you!

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