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Drawing by Kenia Fx

Drawing by Kenia Fx

I’ve always loved drawing but I did it for myself in my spare time. I had a kid when I was very young so I couldn’t study arts when I was younger. Now that my daughter is grown up I’ve started art studies and I feel very happy to do so.

I wish I could grow as an artist in many aspects, I’ve started studying painting but I love drawing so much that I can’t help holding a pencil every second I can.

Nowadays Art is filling my days constantly, I try to draw and study every day and I also postpone other activities so I can stay at home finishing any drawing I might be doing at the moment.

I’ve found this site looking for drawing techniques and I’m very surprised with the amazing kind of Academy that it is. I love to see drawing lovers and to be close to them.

I’d love to win the the Drawing Academy course to improve my drawing skills so I can work my art work better every day.

I’m not sure why should people vote for me, I don’t have anything give in exchange (as politicians promise), I only have my art to give.

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