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Painting by Petra Rakebrandt

Painting by Petra Rakebrandt

Let go of fear

I am an intuitive coach and yoga teacher who integrates art into healing. For many years I lived a life that didn’t feel right for me and I even avoided making art, but luckily I understood again how art helps me and my clients to understand emotions and to liberate emotions through art and art-making. Also by creating art, we can face our emotions that are stuck and that we usually avoid to let come up, that makes it sometimes challenging to start a new artwork, especially when we know that what is coming up from the subconscious mind can be hurtful. I am amazed at how we can see parallels in life and art, how life is working and that art is just an expression of life.

I worked almost 15 years as an engineer and managing director in the technical domain as I was too afraid to show up with my true self. Even though I would have loved to express myself, I hid in a profession and ordinary life. But life is to be lived to the fullest with the truth, and through art, we can express ourselves, but first, we have to overcome the fear to show up. Last year I finally went to Florence to take art classes as I felt I need to connect with my creative side again. I felt that this is a major part of my life that I want to develop further. I love painting and drawing and it is a form of meditation and connection to my “Self”.

I find it challenging to integrate art in every person’s life, not just art, but also creativity and I am convinced that everybody should use creativity more and should learn to show up. Usually art and creativity is integrated into our childhood and unfortunately, then it stops for most of us, also because we start to compare more and judge and being judged. I would like to learn more tools to teach others and to find back the connection to creativity and art, we are all creative by nature. Sharing art is also another level of healing oneself and healing others. People can be touched by art and it can trigger something or even resolve something. That is why I think it is important to bring art classes to more people. The Drawing Academy is a great institution for people to access art, art classes, knowledge and education with art. As I am living on a Caribbean island, I have not many opportunities to access art classes or art education. Having the Drawing Academy where classes are offered online, is a great opportunity for many people to have access to art and education. I would love to win a Drawing Academy course to develop my skills further so that I can help more people and spread the importance of art. That’s also a reason why I would love that people vote for me, I would love to develop more programs for clients to use art for healing and personal development also in combination with yoga. We need more healing in order to make the world a better place, art is a tool that can help many people to improve their lives by understanding themselves and to develop themselves to create a happier and purposeful life. We need change in this world and I would be more than happy to have the chance of helping people and the world to improve by this wonderful tool of art.

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