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Artwork by Onyirioha Vivian

Artwork by Onyirioha Vivian

Smile; nature’s gift

I am Onyirioha Vivian, a medical student living in the South-eastern part of Nigeria. Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to draw, I always loved to draw. I feel it’s the only thing that makes me really happy and less stressed at the same time.

Drawing has been a part of life. I remember so well how I drew for a very long time a day without really getting bored or exhausted despite the fact that I wasn’t really getting it. I major in still-life, landscape, portrait and cartoon, all black and white. I am a self taught artist so I started with simple sketches from books then to drawing cartoons from my little sisters’ school books then to landscape and finally to portraits which I started two years ago. I never really had proper lessons on art and drawing but kept practising from time to time.

I am a medical student and that has been my priority. Art takes second place in my life and am really passionate about it. It has helped me discover myself and what am capable of.

I know am not too good, that is why I keep practising; but I just can’t get to where I want to. I want to draw easily not just from what I see but also from what I cannot see. Putting down my thoughts and imaginations into lines and curves has always been both intriguing and fascinating and I think, no, I am sure that I want to be a part of that. I love paintings and I just can’t help but wish that I could paint. I would really love to add more colour and beauty to my drawings as well as being able to use the right tools and equipments to achieve a perfect artwork, and Drawing Academy is offering me this special opportunity to achieving this goal.

Drawing Academy is a priceless and one of the best community of professional artists and tutors that lead and guide upcoming artists and provide with numerous tips and techniques. Drawing Academy provides students with necessary resources to become a great artist.

Most drawing classes I knew of or heard about were usually too expensive and that discouraged me from enrolling into one. I believe that everything I need to become an artist that can comfortably and proudly display her artwork will be acquired in the Drawing Academy course. With Drawing Academy course, I will be able to express myself when words fail me. A whole lot is packed in one place and becoming a member will be the first step to achieving my dreams.

I have decided not just to draw for fun, I want to take this to the next level and only your votes will help me achieve this. Please kindly vote for me as this is a very rare opportunity to be the fine artist I always wanted to be.

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  1. Faustina says:

    Ur drawing is very beautiful and ur dream is even more beautiful………keep up the good work and faith dearie
    You can do it!!

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