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My Art Story

My Art Story

Drawing by Gini MacDonald

I picked up my first pencil to draw six years ago, in my late 50s. Before that I never had the confidence to try any art or be creative. Luckily time and opportunity had come into my life to allow me to take my first timid steps.

After many challenges in my life, I can dedicate all my time to art. I sketch daily and also work in other mediums. Art is my salvation from the past.

What I most want to learn are the right techniques to make my lines better and my images more accurate so I can express more in my pieces. I am usually drawn to subjects with soul. I want to be able to convey those subjects to move others with my work in the way art moves me.

The Drawing Academy I believe will help me get the key training, and the knowledge to make the kind of art I want to do.

I am of very modest means and would not be able to afford to take the Academy course unless I had the support of a competition like this. Winning this competition will I hope, move my skills further along.

If people are moved by my sketch, then I hope that will be their motivation to vote for me.

My Art Story

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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