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Drawing by Nshiyua Tatum

Drawing by Nshiyua Tatum

Me in a Nutshell

I would love to be a something art related like a graphic designer or architect in the future.

I’ve been drawing for almost all of my life and the love I have for art is unconditional and exciting.

Loving the community and everything they bring to the table I would like to be apart of it. I love drawing people and faces and art is a very big part of my life.

Almost everyday in class I draw and all of my teachers love it, if it was my choice i would take art classes all day to further myself and also challenge myself.

I would love to learn things further in proportion and i would love to learn so i could be better at it. Portion and different poses are things i would love to learn to further my art work. Also painting is a struggle for me because of all the different skin tones you can use to make different kinds of people.

I think the Drawing Academy is very helpful in showing artists like me ways to further their artwork and be successful.

I want to win this course because art is literally my life and I want it to be my future, a lot of people in my family can draw but never decided to do anything with their gift and I would love to do something with my talent.

I think people should vote for me because in my opinion I can hopefully bring something new and creative in the art world and I would love to make my mark. The world and people’s talent should have a real impact in my opinion and it does in many different ways. I would love to be successful in life and make my family proud when i can give them the same luxury they gave me as a kid.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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