Leonardo da Vinci without a beard

Leonardo da Vinci without a beard

Artwork by Levi

Leonardo da Vinci without a beard

My Name is Levi, I’m 21 years old from Brazil.

I live in Sobral in Ceará, in the northeast of the states; there are no drawing schools here!

I am very interested in art! I would love to learn classical drawing from a teacher who really mastered it!

Traveling to other towns that are far away to study drawing is not an option for me.

Searching the internet I found the Drawing Academy, where I realized that this must be one of the best schools that teach traditional art!

I think it is very interesting because they are striving to provide the knowledge of the old masters for genuine art, so it does not die to some contemporary arts!

The amount of materials such as articles, videos, books, art albums, art newsletters … is amazing!

I want so much to learn and master the art of how to draw, I believe that drawing is the base to many other kinds of art and this Academy brings me good expectations that one day I can get there!

In my entry I tried to draw Leonardo da Vinci beardless! I used his self portrait as a reference and other people without beard!

It is done in pastel pencil. I see it was an old material, which was first mentioned by him as an elegant material to paint dry.

I did this drawing with the knowledge that I acquired from videos and from answers to other students questions.

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  1. Levi says:

    Awesome work!
    Very creative drawing
    You drew a great master and gave him a new vision!
    I hope you win!
    I think you can do even better when you learn the techniques
    Good luck!

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