Jorge Padilla’s Art

Jorge Padilla’s Art

From Jorge Padilla, Drawing Academy Graduate

My drawing skills’ level before I took this course was none. I had no training at all.

I had the desire to learn how to paint and draw for a very long time, but this was only a dream, because I spend most of my time working in a foreign country (English is not my native tongue).

Attending an art academy was not an option (no time, I just got in to my 50s, a family to support, etc…).

First, I enrolled in the Web Art Academy and then took the Drawing Academy course as well. Finally, I was able to learn at home at my own time and speed. In addition, I learned English – very good deal, isn’t it ? Here, the language was not a barrier, because, the lessons are very easy to follow.

Now I can draw and paint what I want, and the people who have seen my drawings think that I’m good and call me “Artist”. I do not yet feel that way myself, and I know I need a lot of practice and hard work to train my eye and hand, but for a beginner I am very pleased with the progress. One year ago I would not have believed the ability that I have right now, and in so little time!

Jorge Padilla drawing 1

Jorge Padilla drawing 2

Jorge Padilla drawing 3

This leads me to believe that I should take a career in art more seriously. My memories and traditions could be transmitted on paper or canvas and not just disappear with me. The drive that I had to paint and draw for so many years has now become a reality.

Natalie Richy and Vladimir London, you are great teachers and did your utmost throughout the entire course to ensure that we were happy, satisfied, well prepared.

Your true professionalism is so genuine, thank you for the care and work you do. Your “only the best will do!” attitude is really what most students are after – Natalie and Vladimir, you delivered this! Many thanks to you.

Jorge Padilla drawing 4

Jorge Padilla painting 1

Jorge Padilla painting 2

I strongly recommend the Web Art Academy and the Drawing Academy courses to all art students who want to become better artists!

Jorge Padilla

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  1. CAROL. DURKIN says:

    Dear Jorge,

    Keep going! Don’t stop!! You clearly have a love for drawing and you’ve made a great start.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Judith Fox says:


    It is clear from your drawings you have a great love for art. Keep going!!!

    You have inspired me to at least try also.

    Good luck.

    Best Wishes

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