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In this video you will learn what lies behind Academy doors.

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The Drawing Academy is the online Drawing Course and Art Community.

As an Academy student, you will experience three major benefits:

1. You will learn how to draw using traditional time-proven drawing techniques.
2. You will have unlimited personal support by Academy Tutors.
3. You will benefit from our Art Community.

Let’s begin with the Drawing Course.

It takes just one click to begin your art education. After making a secure payment, you’ll register your membership and in less than a minute you’re ready to begin the course.

After you log in, you’ll start on the Dashboard page. This contains all necessary links and important notices.

Make sure you subscribe to the Members Mailing List. You’ll receive some art bonuses directly to your mailbox.

On the Dashboard, there are links to video lessons you have paid for.

If you purchase the complete Course, all 45 video lessons will be available from day one.

If you’re paying in installments, you’ll see the first 15 lessons. Your account will be automatically upgraded over the following two months. New video lessons will be added after each upgrade.
If you want your upgrade sooner, you can simply make an additional payment and get full access immediately.

Another way you can earn your upgrade is by acting as a guest writer and publishing art articles on our website.

It is very easy to navigate Drawing Academy video lessons.

Just click on the chosen month and see the list of all video parts included in that month.

If you are a beginner, you’ll want to gradually progress watching videos in sequential order. If you are an advanced student, you may decide watching videos in the order of your choice.

Every “How to Draw” video lesson is accompanied by a text, which you may read or even translate, if English is not your first language.

Let’s come back to the Dashboard.

Here you will find the Drawing Course Curriculum and Assignments. You can follow the coursework, or draw whatever you prefer. The course is flexible, and we support you in whatever way you want to learn.

The Drawing Academy Curriculum includes following topics:

Month 1

  • Drawing materials
  • Rendering tonal values
  • Drawing in perspective
  • Constructive drawing principles
  • Constructive methods of drawing a human head
  • Classical head drawing
  • Anatomy of a human head
  • Sketching the Old Masters

Month 2

  • Skeletal anatomy for fine artists
  • Traditional ways of portrait drawing
  • Drawing a human body
  • Drawing hands
  • Constructive drawing of architecture
  • Golden proportion principles
  • Drawing in pen and ink
  • Drawing in silverpoint
  • Botanical drawing

Month 3

  • Muscle anatomy for fine artists
  • Proportions of a human body
  • Life model drawing
  • Drawing in charcoal
  • Drawing in silverpoint and pen and ink
  • Drawing animals
  • Drawing cityscapes
  • Calligraphy drawing

Lower down on the Dashboard page, you will find links to Fine Art Bonuses. These are complimentary videos, art albums, and art books. You can watch all bonus videos online and download art albums and books to your computer.

As a Drawing Academy student, you will have exclusive access to special areas of our Art Community.

Exhibit your artworks in the Student Gallery

You can show your drawings before, during, and after the Drawing Course. You will benefit from public exposure and comments on your artworks by other Academy students and visitors.

Get professional critique on your artworks

The Academy tutors will give you comprehensive feedback on your strong points and areas in which you may need to improve. In addition, you artworks will be open to comments by fellow students and visitors.

Ask Tutors Questions

The Drawing Academy tutors will be happy to provide in-depth answers to anything you want to know about drawing and art. Your questions, together with the tutors’ answers, may also benefit from comments by Academy students and visitors.

You will also benefit from Personal Support by Academy Tutors

As the Academy student, you will have direct access to course tutors. Whether you have art-related questions, need assistance with your creative progress, or just simply want an opinion on your artwork, Academy tutors are ready to help. This personal support is unlimited and goes beyond the course duration.

After completing the three-month course, you will get a Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name. This Diploma commemorates the course completion.

However, this diploma is not a token give-away. We want to make sure you benefit from the course and want to see your creative progress. We’ll be asking for examples of your drawings before and after the course.

Your membership doesn’t stop here.

You will have a lifetime access to the Drawing Course and Art Community. This includes full tutors’ support and all future updates and upgrades at no cost.

You will get the Great Value for your Money

The Drawing Academy will save you time and money. The value of the course is $4,455 (45 lessons at $99 each). However, you can get it for an incredible low fee of only $257 for the complete course. This is equivalent to the cost of one cup of coffee per day for t here months!

Compare this to an average art college tuition, which can be up to $100,000 for 4 years, and comes with no guarantee that you’ll graduate with good drawing skills.

In the Drawing Academy, you will by far get the best value for your money!

You can enroll by making a one-time discounted payment of only $257, or spread the tuition into three installments of $97 per month.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to subscribe for the Drawing Course and benefit from tutors’ support and our Art Community!

Enroll in the Drawing Academy Course:
Three Monthly Installments
Pay for the course in 3 easy installments
  • Receive 15 new videos monthly (45 in total)
  • Incredible discount – $4,164
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. Free after the 3rd month
Total cost: $291 USD (3 x $97)

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Complete Course - BEST VALUE
Get all video lessons for a one-time payment
  • Immediate access to all 45 video lessons
  • Incredible discount – $4,198
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. No more payments
Total cost - Only $257 USD

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