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The lost son

The lost son

Artwork by Marcel Gallik

My name is Marcel. I’m from Slovakia. I paint and draw since childhood and always want my pictures to show things as they really are. My passion leads me to learning and exploring the language of symbolism, which allows me to tell stories and reach human inside.

lost son

I was fascinated by paintings of old well-known painters, however, I didn’t have an opportunity to study fine arts at a specialized school. Nevertheless, I studied alone, read and I looked at paintings. Later, I saw paintings in the Vatican Museum, Michelangelo fresca and sculptures, Carravagio, Tiepollo, Da Vinci, Rembrandt; these paintings fascinated me.

I did a lot of portraits and landscapes in pencil, pastel, and oil. But I know that I need to learn.

Finally I found this website which provides educational materials on drawing techniques. I really want to learn the technique of the old masters. Your Academy is a perfect solution. Because painting is only one thing I can do. Anyway, it is the chance my dreams to come true. I want to be a successful painter. I believe you will like my picture. Thank you for your support.

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