Imagine and Create Art

Imagine and Create Art

Story and drawing from Anita. K

Hi, I’m Anita. K, I like to draw since I was in elementary school but due to my family and my environment never look art as more than just a hobby, I never think much of it and just draw in class. Never learn it, not even looking at reference, so my progress was bad. Back then, I never heard of fundamentals (shadow, perspective, anatomy). I did not know that to draw good, there are a lot of stuff that needs to learn. I thought that drawing needs talented people. I am finding my way to art and finally do my own research and find out a lot about art. The stuff that I need to learn and I need to work hard for it. I do regret that I don’t start early and I feel that now I need to learn everything in a hurry, like Im out of time.

For me art is like a way I can expressed myself. Art can be my own style, my desire and interpretation of what I want people to see. I want to paint a picture that holds meanings and story. Since I was young, there are lots of things that I imagine but cant put it down on paper, then all just loss.

There are lots of fundamentals that I need to improve and learn, such as: shadows, hatching, perspective, environment, anatomy, etc . Learning by myself, without a direction is very hard. Youtube and other free online resources are a great help but Im still struggling to learn. Every resources that I have are like pieces of puzzle that are incomplete. Thus, I end up learning piece by piece, bit by bit of the fundamentals and end up with really struggling to move to intermediate or even advanced levels. I really need guidance that can help me to learn fundamentals in the correct way so I can move to the intermediate or advanced level.

I want to learn pretty much anything that I can learn. I want to learn to draw human that is proportionate anatomically correct, environment , interior and exterior buildings, animals, clothes, etc.

I knew Drawing Academy since a year ago when I found this website. When I saw a few short clips in the free drawing video lessons and also the curriculum of the drawing academy lessons, I knew that this is what I needed. This is like the ultimate art learning that can help me fulfill my goals. The curriculum was diverse that can help me tackle any drawing topics that I need, the techniques are praiseworthy and also the drawings are so clean and neat that inspire me to draw.

A few of a more lengthy videos on youtube such as facial features and portrait have been very helpful for me but other very short clip videos are too short that I cant use it, therefore I really want to apply at Drawing Academy.

Please help vote for me so I can learn art properly, thank you.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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