I Never Knew

I Never Knew

Story and artwork from Wan Adam

Hi there, welcome to my humble abode, where passion is found in heaps but experience is scarce. My hobbies include farming and running. I started drawing 3 months ago and have fallen in love with it ever since.

My earliest memory of art was admiring my sister’s sketch book. She would draw beautiful dresses by heart and I would watch her draw in awe of her talent. Apart from that, I have never been exposed to art myself. I have always thought that I had no place in art as I had no talent unlike my sister. Even drawing a circle was a daunting task. 3 months ago I decided to learn how to draw a basic face on Youtube. The outcome surprised me as it made me realise that it was possible to learn and improve your art with practice and it is not a gift bestowed upon the selected few by the art gods at birth. That was how my art journey began.

The challenges I face in art is learning to be patient. Although I am still a work in progress, art has thought me a lot about patience and its importance when drawing and life in general. Patience can be the determining factor between a great piece of art and a rushy mess. It may differ for everyone but this is what I have experienced. Besides that, the pain in comparing my artwork to that of other people has been a struggle. Every time, I draw something that I’m proud of, it often feels lacking after looking at someone else’s version of it. I know comparing isn’t healthy but I’m sure we all fall victim to it from time to time.

I would like to learn how to draw and recreate great art that I admire like Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ and Jan Van Eyck’s ‘The Arnolfini Portrait’ in graphite. My ultimate goal is to make art that I can be proud of.

I think that the Drawing Academy is a fantastic educational platform. It has taught me a lot about art and the possibilities of what I can achieve with proper education and guidance. The breakdown of the Russian Children’s Art school made me realise that there is plenty more to learn and explore.

I would like to win the drawing Academy Course to fulfil my desire to learn more about art from professionals and build a solid foundation and basics.

I feel that people should vote for me because I am an example of ‘ hard work over talent’ and I’m sure many of us that has started drawing later in life share this feeling.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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