I am waiting for you

I am waiting for you

Story and artwork from Paulette Rozwood

I am also waiting, waiting for your answer to the question of what does this drawing mean to you? Does it mean that you would like to share your opinion about the skill of the artist or does it mean that you like the subject matter. How can you help the kitty in the drawing? As many artists face challenges what challenge does the kitty have? Where does she want to go or what would make her happy. By voting for me you would be answering her questions. As an artist I would like to make my audience participate in the questions behind the drawing. How can I make this better? Where can I go to make this better? Or what would make my art engage my audience better? With help from the drawing academy I think I would be able to address these challenges and questions better. So vote for me and you will make this art kitty happy.

The Drawing Academy seems to have a devoted staff willing to share all their expertise in art affairs and I would love to win it.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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