I always thought in pictures

I always thought in pictures

Artwork and story from Liezl

My interest in art goes back to my childhood years, when my parents befriended a gallerist. I visited the gallery often with them, attended art exhibitions, and met well-known artists when I was just about 7 years old. I was a quiet child so they allowed me in.

I only started with formal education two years ago, by joining Vladimir London’s Life Drawing Academy course.

I always thought in pictures, and drawing is a way of showing my thoughts to people.

My biggest challenge in art is to get rid of bad drawing habits. I for instance, used to shape objects with tonal rendering, instead of doing constructive drawing.

I am interested in the illustration of fantasy figures and characters, and want to learn to draw portraits, human figures, and animals, so that I can draw it from my imagination.

I am already a student of the Drawing Academy, and think that it is an excellent course. Not only does one learn to draw animals, plants, portraits, architecture, and human figures, one also learn many techniques. Vladimir London is always willing to help his students.

If I win this course, I would give it to my niece. She loves drawing in dry media.

People need to vote for me to give a girl a chance to learn from a master.

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