Nikki, charcoal on Roma paper

Nikki, charcoal on Roma paper

Nikki, charcoal on Roma paper, 2022

Artwork and story from Pat Smith

My name is Pat Smith. I am a seventy five year old retired systems programmer from the University of Michigan. I was raised in Detroit and have lived in Ann Arbor since 1980. I am a Vietnam veteran. When I retired I decided to pursue a life long dream to draw and paint. I began to study locally, and then in 2019 I went to Edinburgh for six months to study at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Arts. When I returned I got online with Stephen Bauman and Cornelia Hernes through the Patreon Platform. I have continued with them and entered their mentorship tiers.

I am fairly new to the Drawing Academy and so far I find it an extremely useful addition to my other studies, readings, videos, and museum visits.

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