Art has lifted my spirits

Art has lifted my spirits

Artwork and story from Trung Huynh

My name is Trung Huynh. I am in my mid 30s and always had a passion for art. In grade school my teachers saw that passion and entered me in an art competition which I had won and would have began my art career but sadly things did not turn out the way I had hoped. Being from a lower income family my family was forced to move to a more suitable housing which forced me to rethink my priorities in high school and eventually into college where my parents thought art was not a good curriculum that would be best for me. Now that I am in my later stages of life I realize I want to pursue something that makes me happy. These past few years have been really negative for me. The pandemic came and I lost my job. I tried to obtain new skills and gained some new certifications but still I am having trouble finding employment. Now with more free time I had been having a lot of mental health issues and just going back to drawing and art in general has lifted my spirits. I bought a drawing tablet and have been trying my hand at digital art.

Art has been a source of freedom for me in my life. I feel when I am focusing on my art I can be free and just zone out of everything and it brings a calmness to me.

Right now it is learning this new medium and just exploring all the techniques which I was never formally taught.

I want to learn a lot. Like anatomy and perhaps painting. But I am currently trying to learn digital painting. I am using a cheap Huion 1080p drawing tablet as I do not have the means to purchase a new tablet and I am currently a beginner in digital arts as such I think winning this course would be very beneficial to my overall growth

I did not know I needed votes but if there are people who can see the passion in me and that I am at a point in life where I want to learn and follow that passion then please vote for me.

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