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Hyper realistic portrait drawing of a girl

Hyper realistic portrait drawing of a girl

Artwork by Himanshu Vora

Though I am a software engineer, Art means a lot to me, that drives me to some divine and serene place where I am not present but disolve in the whole, being the one. That seems like meditation for me.

When artist enters into the world of hyperrealism, means erasing the lines and creating something realistic is phenomenal experience. This might be the reason, geographical borders can’t stop artist. Hyperrealism is like you put the mood, gesture or expressions of model on paper.

The sketch or painting of Afghan Girl, is a 1984 photographic portrait of Sharbat Gula, published on National Geographic magazine. The innocence of her face and eyes captured by the photographer are obviously appreciated. I just try to put them on paper again with my pencil, tried to match that real expression and mood of Sharbat.

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