How to depict emotions in figurative artworks

How to depict emotions in figurative artworks

Drawing by Yasmeen Kanan

Hello there!

Just to tell you a little about myself, although I have been drawing a long time ago, but it is recently that I have started academic drawing… and I usually have a problem with being afraid of mistakes in drawing, whether it is in watercolor, pen, pencil, chalk, etc… so I try to get rid of this fear via the continuous practice, but I must make sure before graduating as a Visual Artist, that my basics are well established.

That is why I have joined this Drawing Academy.

The sketch I uploaded is daily practice, but I want to add character into my sketches and artworks. I love to portray mood and emotion even if it is just an academical sketch.

I tried with chalk to increase the darkness although the in reality the model was sitting on a chair with a beige background, but I don’t want to just draw right. I want to express something that Goya expressed…

I just can’t recognize this thing that made Goya that great that he did not only convey skills, but a horrific story, an emotional scene, his expressive method. That is what confuses me, and I want to work on myself to reach his level of skillfulness.

I would also like to be introduced to artists other than Goya, who had such a great impact.

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Feedback from Vladimir London, Drawing Academy Tutor

Dear Yasmeen Kanan,

Many thanks for your drawing.

You may find these two articles about depicting human emotions in artworks interesting:



Kind regards,

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