Life Drawings by Nikolai Blokhin

Contemporary Russian Realistic Art

Review by Vladimir London

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Nikolai Blokhin

is a contemporary fine artist from Russia. He was born in 1968 in St. Petersburg and spent fifteen years studying art from the age of twelve. Since 2000, he has been a professor of drawing in St. Petersburg Academy of Art.

Nikolai graduated from the St. Petersburg Repin Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where he is teaching drawing now. Repin Academy is the successor to the Imperial Academy of Arts and one of the strongest schools of fine art in the world today.

Nikolai Blokhin Drawing

Many famous Russian artists of the past are associated with this Academy, such as Losenko, Bryullov, Ivanov, Repin, Vrubel, Serov, Malyavina, Feshin, as well as masters of the Soviet era, Moiseenko, Mylnikov and many others.

Nikolai Blokhin Drawing

Nikolai Blokhin has his own unique drawing style. His drawings are very dynamic, full of complex rhythm lines and beautifully rendered. All of his artworks are made with passion and virtuosity. The gamut of lines and marks are very broad – from delicate thin lines, when a drawing tool gently touches the surface, to thick and bold expressive marks done with pressure and confidence.

Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Painting
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Painting
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing

Many preliminary drawings done by Nikolai are fully accomplished masterpieces in their own rights. Characters on Nikolai’s drawings are full of life, personality, and expression. He skilfully portrays the models’ psychological characteristics and inner world through their facial expressions, postures and drawing compositions.

Personages on Nikolai’s artworks live their days to the fullest. They are lyrical and brutal, hysterical and thoughtful, romantic and sophisticated. Single portraits and multi-figure compositions tell stories of people from all facets of life: ballet dancers, carnival goers, clowns, theatre actors and peasants.

And Nikolai groups his drawings into series, such as “peasants,” “clowns,” “ballet dancers,” “fighters,” and others.

Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing

By using minimal means of expression – a silhouette, tone spots, lines and gradations, Nikolai is able to create a phenomenal range of feelings depicted from life. He draws an expressive array of characters, while keeping his own style and viewpoint. They are full of spirit and soaked with Russian soul.

Nikolai Blokhin is continuing the proven, time-honored traditions of masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and many others, who were interested in depicting the human nature. In all his masterpieces, Nikolai focuses on a human being, on all the complexity of character types, facial expressions, emotions, and relationships.

His realistic yet stylish and vibrant drawings are full of living energy and Russian culture. Contemporary artists like Nikolai Blokhin keep the old traditions of the Russian art school alive. At a time when Western European and North American art is rapidly losing its original roots, the Russian art discipline still stands on the solid ground of traditional drawing skills that have developed since the times of the Old Masters.

Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing
Nikolai Blokhin Drawing

If you are touched by these drawings, please leave your comments below.

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  1. Chantal says:

    Thank you for sharing this. This is a formidable body of work. Strong yet extremely sensitive and emotional.
    A lost art today!

  2. larryeda says:

    Here is an artist of the highest caliber. I am so impressed and inspired by the work of this artist. He has a rare gift for capturing the depth of the human personality, and his drawing style is very beautiful, very powerful and full of life. The St. Petersburg Academy must be very good if they have teachers like this. Are their painting teachers as skilled?

    Thank you for sharing this video.

    Kind regards,

    Lawrence Heyda

  3. colin says:

    whata Talent and a relief from the artists who hide behind abstraction when they never learnt to draw in the first place

  4. Sherri Westfall says:

    Nikolai’s work has a magical quality. It’s like he not only drew the subjects character, but trapped their spirit within the lines. I could only hope to ever achieve that kind of mastery. Thank you for sharing his work. It gives me something to aspire to.

  5. Janis Zingitis says:

    Very good drawings, a bit theatrical, but very skillful. Another proof that nothing beats drawing from nature.

  6. rachelush says:

    Thanks! He is so perfect I wish I could come to Russia to see his exhibition and maybe to see him at work. He is grate!

  7. Snjolaug says:

    Fantastic art! So simple and yet so full of life. Thank you for sharing with us. Hope I’m able to learn from this.

  8. Roman Zakharyak says:

    I take my hat off to Nikolai. It’s people like him that will keep the abilities if the old master alive.

  9. Scott Rymill-Butcher says:

    Thank you very much for sharing Nikolai Blokhin’s work. Amazing artist of the masters ways, a dream of mine is to be able to capture the sole and essence of a person in this way.

    Beautiful, Scott

  10. Julianna says:

    I thank him for keeping the orthodoxy of true Russian art ( the best of ), alive.
    His work is beautiful and shows the human spirit of his culture.
    Beautiful art is alway a blessing to the whole world.
    Thank you Mr.Blokhin.

  11. Josiemar says:

    Thank you for showing Nikolai’s beautiful art work.

    Whether I get there or not is something I would like to aspire to.

  12. RodrigoLeal says:

    Incredible and amazing fine art work! I thought this was almost forgoten nowadays. It is my first contact with the russian school of art, and i am surprised indeed.
    The only one artist i know that can draw/painting such dramatic and wonderfull realistic expressions of the human figure is the swedish norwegenien artist Odd Nerdrum.

  13. bakerman1129 says:

    I hope one day to reach a level where I can teach and give back now I have seen something else to aspire to because the work shown here is awe inspiring If I had a wish to bw granted I would wish to go to that Russian school for the arts or atleast make enough money to become a member on this sight

  14. Sabsus says:

    Fabulous work,most inspiring.
    Fluid marks with exhibited with confidence . He definitely been inspired by Rembrandt and Caravaggio.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Loved it .

  15. Cedric Viljoen says:

    Thank you for showing me, I love how he draws attention to the subject and captures the esencense of the moment.

  16. Ladan Ghajar says:

    Obviously, his work is talking for itself, more far clear than what I can say!. In This unique expressive drawings, I can feel artist’s soul and his adoption of human forms and reality, into the lines, shapes and magical rendering. Thus, it is the mirror of our own self through artist’s hand.

  17. chris says:

    Que de vie dans ces œuvres d’art! La beauté des lignes, le rendu des volumes, les touches de couleur m’emeuvent. Tous mes sens sont touchés!

  18. Jack Miller says:

    Through his art you can see how much he loves what he does you can see it in every stroke. It is such a joy to see some one with such command with the tools of their trade and allowing their inner vision to come out for others to enjoy. I’m envious.

  19. Petre Maierean says:

    Charming art. I’ve thought this expressiveness was not possible to achieve by drawing on paper with pencils

  20. Enrique O. says:

    These drawings are the reflection of this artist’s soul & good nature.
    That’s a shame how the art is turning ugly in the modern world, some artist (or so called) are loosing their track of the real art.
    All these pieces will live for ever.

  21. Lene Bartholdt Sønder says:

    True human spirit excelent captured! Thank you for sharing Nicolai Blokhin´s great work/art.

  22. Cristina Jaime V. says:

    Thanks YOU very much for these page. I LOVE it. Cristina from MEXICO. I live in Atlixco Puebla. On September I would like to be member in your academy.

  23. Shirley Schnake says:

    I haven’t seen such pure talent and emotion in a very long time. I love how he breaks some of the rules by drawing in detail in certain places and only suggesting in other parts of his subject. That brings it alive for me and shows so much emotion, energy and originality. By doing that, he tells us what is important and what is not. His subjects nearly jump out at you as though they are going to speak. A reemergence of the old masters that is missing in modern times. Would love to see more of his work with info on his choice of mediums.
    Very exciting!

  24. closerlookbooks says:

    This man’s work is amazing. thank you for introducing his work to us. You don’t need to be a master to recognize one.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    these are beautiful. the style I want to develop in my portrait drawings. I would like to enroll when I am ready financially in your academy.


  26. Lieve says:

    I can only dream of having the opportunity to learn from such a great master!
    It is of a level of Elia Repin & Nicholai Fechin!! Fabulous!

  27. Roswitha de Luarca says:

    I purchased the Anatomy Master Class more or less two weeks ago. I have to express my deep gratefulness for your unlimited generosity in sharing such wonderful works as the one of Nikolai Blokhin (to name only one of many), whose technique is so extremely powerful, expressive and appealing to me. Thank you so much.

  28. Chuck Harris says:

    I love this work and many of the Russian artists. There isn’t words to explain how much I appreciate Nikolai Blokhin style and works. Thanks again

  29. Chander Bhalla says:

    Spellbinding! Deeply moving! These drawings talk to you! Don’t remember when was I last moved so much by any drawings. I wish I could kiss Nikolai’s hands. Honestly, it is unfair for one person to have this much talent.

  30. kathy says:

    I am studying figure drawing in the traditional methods. My professor told me to look into your work. It is truly awe inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope one day to visit the academy.

  31. Ann says:

    Beautiful. There is so much feeling and emotion in these sketches. I dream of one day being able to express feelings and emotion in my work. A very long way to go still. Thank you so much for sharing these sketches.

  32. Jazmin Alvarado says:

    These drawings are breathtakingly intimate moments which captivates me and inspires me! Beautiful!

  33. Antonio Padilla Ramos says:

    siempre me han gustado más los trazos preliminares (sketches), y los que hace este hombre (blokhin) son sensacionales!

  34. Dominick says:

    No words can describe his work every drawing comes to life and jumps at you. I only wish I could produce any drawing nearing to his masterpieces. There was only one Michal Angelo, DaVinci and now one Blokhin.

  35. 2pencilbob says:

    Just returned from the Raphael Drawings exhibition at The Ashmolean in Oxford, England, and searching for more great artists and their drawings came across the work of Nicolai Blokhim. The energy and life of his mark-making is inspiring, and the gestural dynamics of his bodies and his sensitivity to anatomical detail places him up there with past masters.

  36. gopi says:

    Thanks Drawing Academy for giving us this most precious new year gift in the form of these master pieces by Nikolai. Indeed great work with distinctive style and expressions. Hats off. Wish you all a fantastic creative year ahead.

  37. Kam Cheong Wong says:

    “A picture tells a thousand words”. These portraits definitely tell more than a thousand words! I can see the facial muscles in action. Touched.

  38. Aaron Cristofar says:

    I enjoy learning about other cultures and art is one of the ways that I do learn. These painting are really good I was moved.

  39. CYRIL PEREIRA says:

    Wow Great skill – I was really feeling the emotional of each character drawn……. Thanks for sharing!!.

  40. Alice M. Edwards says:

    These drawings and paintings by Nikolai Blokhin are wonderful.

    Thank you so much for sharing them,

    Alice M. Edwards

  41. Patricia Beauchamp says:

    I love the drawings and paintings by Nikolai Blokhin. The artistic energy in his work is such a joy to see. Thank you for sharing this information – what an inspiration.

  42. tometeacher says:

    Ha! Elegantlly WOW! How is it even possible to find words descriptive of this work. How it is even possible to use any word other than WOW.

  43. Tom Bolt says:

    In a text “Drawing”, Daniel M. Mendelowitz refers to apprentices copying the works of the Master of the Atelier or older established masters in which it became an established practice. I wonder if we can legitimately copy these works, or some of them and it would classify as copying the old masters? Do contemporary masters classify as being copyable? Blokhin certainly does not classify as an “older” established master but it cannot be argued that his work is not just as good to be copied and studied?

  44. Hector Lahera says:

    Mr. Blokhin is a very fine artist, living up to the traditions of the Russian Masters. Traditions that must be preserved if Art will survive.

    Best Wishes from Clearwater, FL.


  45. Linda leslie says:

    The drawings are beautiful, and full of life. These drawings remind me more of the old masters than any I have ever seen.

    Thank you for sharing them.

    Best Wishes,

    Linda Leslie

  46. Maxorro says:

    I love every “moment” of Nikolai’s paintings and drawings! He is a great storyteller who captures in his art the culture of his people the same may as a poet or actor or writer would do. Bravo, bravo, bravo!
    Thank you for sharing his talent on our Academy site!

  47. Cassandra Khalil says:

    Im inspired by the raw depth of live action and emotions depected in his artworks. Onky few as Nikolai can master this rare calibre of expression. Rveals to me also his effort, finesse and fiery for his work that I someday hope to emulate.

  48. john pace says:

    No one does it better than you. Ive been admiring your work for years…and now I say Hello!

  49. Paris D Black says:

    I have never been to Russia and probably will never go, but these works of art are so powerful that I feel as if I have already met the people there.

    Thank you sincerely,


  50. Robert Thompson says:

    Nikolae displays superb draughtsmanship reminiscent of Da Vinci. He is able to achieve beautiful realistic images in a free and uninhibited style. I love them all!!!

  51. Sabina Ricci says:

    Absolutely beautiful work. I could spend hours studying each one. Thank you for sharing this album.

  52. Nino says:

    Your realism emphasizes the thyme of the painting. Detail is of the most importance in art as it renders feeling. You has no doubt accomplished that.

  53. antonio Padilla says:

    personalmente me gustan mucho más sus trazos con carbón sobre papel que las pinturas…
    tienen una soltura impresionante…

    soy de México…

  54. Subrata Bandyopadhyay says:

    These drawings are really superb ! Lines are very expressive and compels one to see closely the awesome art created!

  55. Romona says:

    Until I found the Academy’s(Life Drawing, Drawing, Watercolor and Old Madter oils) I genuinely had no idea what true Fine Art was. I have just begun each program after 7 years of oil painting and I now see clearly I am a master of copying (even if it is a photo I have taken) and keeper of shortcuts that undermine what my art has the potential of becoming.

    I loved this post because it inspires and encourages me; I am glad to begin again – correctly!

    I am on a new journey to becoming all that I can, and producing work that mesmerizes and moves the viewers, like those we just saw.

    I am sending deep gratitude and come in humility to soak up all that I can.

    If you see my works and critiques along the way, know that I am starting from ground zero (unable to draw – the foundation of all fine arts).

    This is unsolicited, if you want to become a professional true master…join me on this journey. I recommend the path that includes a lifetime tutor – you can’t fail if you listen, practice, learn, and put in the time daily.

    I am so grateful and so glad I found you Vladimir, Natalie and Alex.

  56. says:

    I struggle to find the right words to express the beauty of these images.I just stare, hoping that I can absolve something. Anything! I stare, then I attempt to draw the style. Hummm-I have a long way to go.

  57. francisco says:

    O desenho é o esqueleto da pintura… o Nikolai domina o desenho e tira partido dos seus modelos. trata-se de um artista genial…

  58. Donald s sylvester says:

    beautiful human expressions, ordinary people, every day faces one sees on the street. remarkably captures the essense of the person.

  59. Karin Merx says:

    These are stunning. So glad I took this course. Yes, charcoal plaster heads and life drawing and painting, but EU academies have forgotten what art is all about. So for me back to the basics, to improve, and these stunning artworks definitely are an inspiration.

  60. Christine Gervoson de Sierven says:

    I see the “soul” behind the shapes, the lines, the shading.
    I “feel” the artist at work and the person who is being drawn.
    Love those artworks.

  61. Jesús Aroca García says:

    Admirable virtuosismo, elevada sensibilidad, un goce visual intenso.
    Siente hondamente la realidad y la interpreta magistralmente.

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