First acrylics with palette knife on still life

First acrylics with palette knife on still life

Story and artwork from Carmen Wong

My name is Carmen Wong. I live in Toronto Canada. Art has always been my greatest passion. Growing up in the late 70’s, with middle class working parents, my biggest hobby was watching television after school. When I was about five years old, i came across a Japanese animation series on TV. It was about a young orphan who travelled to Paris to become an painter. The series were so inspiring I immediately identified myself to this little cartoon character. His dream became mine and I started to fall in love with drawing. Even till today as a grown up, I never have forgotten my first passion. I guess being nostalgic is one of the biggest traits for Cancers;) but then life gets into ways: busy school life, discouragement form family, lack of good guidance or good art instructors, etc. I didn’t have the opportunity to take my art to the next level. Then circumstances in life have given me some time and money to pursue my dream to become a professional artist and I found an excellent art instructor who is Vladimir London who can help me to take my art to the next level. This time I am not going to give up or procrastinate. I am going to pursue my dreams. By winning this competition I would like to be recognized for my potentials in art and my passion for the profession.

I have this conviction and the intuition that the Drawing Academy course can help me to achieve my artistic aspirations after watching a few of its introductory videos on YouTube and after a few correspondence emails with Vladimir. I am looking for high level professionals who have a vision and mission to pass along their skills and savoir faire. And I think I have found them! I think people should vote for me because I need the public encouragements to become successful in this endeavour trusting that I am destined for Art.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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