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Drawings with soul

Drawings with soul

Artwork by Elena Legutko

Hello, my name is Elena. I am 37 years old, I live in Moscow. I’m not a professional artist. In adulthood, I studied for several years in the art studio academic drawing and painting. There I was given the basic knowledge, that I use in my work. Currently, I am more focused on graphic works.

I have always liked colored pencils, and I once tried to make a portrait of a dog in such a technique, and I did it. Overall I have made more than 30 dog portraits with colored pencils, pastels and oil. This has been a priority for me over the past few years. I also started to draw colored pencil portraits of people.

Today, art plays a major role in my life, I pay the most attention to it. I mostly do custom works. And also I sell finished works. In my work, I set a goal first of all to create a live work, so that it evokes emotions, maybe tell a story or raise questions. I do not strive for perfect copying and do not put technology in the first place in the list of my priorities. Although of course, the technique is very important for me. And I’m constantly working on finding the best solutions to express different surfaces, light, materials, etc. Because I am self-taught in colored pencils, I also have to study the market of working materials, paper, pencils, additional things for work. I combine pastel paper and colored pencils. Or smooth cardboard and pastel. I draw on colored cardboard, which is already its own color makes almost half of the work.

I would like to study in more detail the drawing of figures in space from nature, the influence of colors on each other, the image of shadows on objects. I lack knowledge of academic drawing. Many things I do to the touch. In addition, in the painting I also miss very much more information about the varnishes, the preparation of the canvas, a finish coating of varnish; learning composition, writing portraits. To be honest, I want to know a lot.

I believe, that Drawing Academy is a unique place, where you can get knowledge, that is not available in everyday life. This is the place, where transferred to and saved the secrets of the old masters. That’s why I really want to study at Drawing Academy to get one step closer to the great teachers of the past. I ask you to vote for me, because I want to make my work even better, to increase my professionalism, so that each work finds a response in the heart of its owner. According to my clients, often they get goosebumps or even tears at the sight of my work. And that’s exactly what I draw for.

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