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Drawing by Jessica Denney

Drawing by Jessica Denney

Starving artist

Hello, my name is Jessica. I’ve always been obsessed with art, whether its painting, coloring, building, drawing. Art is my way of expressing myself, the part of me no one else knows.

My favorite art form is drawing. I love the pencil strokes against paper, the ability to erase if necessary, and how the lead looks when you rub it around. My biggest problem with drawing or any art is people, I’ve tried to use the block method but without proper instruction I fail.

I would love to learn to paint, my Grandmother paints very well, but is now too old to teach me.

I love the fact that the Drawing Academy teaches and gives chances like this to any and all who wish to learn. I would love to win this competition, it would help to expand my talents and to help branch out of my comfort zone. I cant give any reasons why I should be the one you vote for, the reasons should be all your own, but I hope I have made an impression. Thank you for your consideration.

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