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Making art is a daily school

Making art is a daily school

Painting by Hans Mozer

Every day drawing and painting results in an everyday learning process for me.

I started painting with oil paint just a few years ago, although I’m 60 years old I plan to paint everyday till I die.

My profession was illustrator/designer by origin in a time when there was no internet. After an 11 year adventure in Spain I returned to Holland in 2004.

At that time I hardly ever had painted with oil paint, but I’ve made some interesting paintings.

My goal is to paint like a master, in my own style. Hence I need to master the basics required to become a master.

An accident wich took of my lefthand thumb seamed to be the end of my career. Im lefthanded. With great luck the surgeons put it back on. Now i still can paint and draw, although with a small handicap. I needed two mounts to get adjusted to my thumb and the way of holding my pensil and brushes.

The studies I’ve done so far are very helpful to paint my next painting in the Battle series, 190x300cm. But its not enough to finish it like an old master.

Thats why I enter this competition, hoping for a place in the masterclasses, so I can finish this and many more painting like a master.

If I had the money, I would have entered already.

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