Artwork by Klara

Artwork by Klara

Hi, my name is Klara. My dreams are to become a great artist and inspire other people with my work and mostly I want that they will enjoy in it.

I really wish to have my own gallery show but I have some problems with art. I mostly don’t have my original ideas and in past I copied works from others. Now i mostly learn from youtube videos on how to draw stuff (human, animals ect. ) but when it comes that i should do it myself without a video i’m basically stuck. Now I draw different models from real photograph. However I have lots of trouble and I think and hope that with this site (Drawing Academy) I could learn everything that I mentioned before. I find this a really great opportunity to improve myself.

Mostly I think my work doesn’t effect on people, because all they say is “beautiful or good job”. But my goal is that they would at least be little amazed or touched, and that my work would look more professional. But to achieve that I think I have a lot work to do.

Since I can choose only one work (very hard because wish i could show more since I don’t know which one is “the best” ) but I’ll hope this one should be good hope so . This was my last painting i did 1 week ago by a model based on photograph. Since I don’t know how to mix colors to get lots of tones , so I decided to just use clean colors.

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