Drawing by Vismaya Khatokar

Drawing by Vismaya Khatokar

Portrait of a baby

Hi! My name is Vismaya.

I’m really passionate about sketching and painting and I really want to turn myself into a professional. The only activity that makes me feel confident and faithful upon myself is art.

Yes, I’m really afraid to pick up that pencil and sketch and yes, i have avoided sketching for almost a year because I couldn’t trust myself enough to even draw a line. But my love for art never left, and I want to ensure that the faith upon myself never leaves as well.

I have always wanted to learn how to sketch figures effortlessly and neatly, and I felt that Drawing Academy is the perfect platform to help me achieve this.

I want to start fresh, I want to learn a lot about art, and in this process I want to learn about myself. Drawing Academy will really help me become a much better artist and best version of myself.

I will be very grateful if you vote for me.

Thank you!

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  1. Uchiha260523 says:

    Hey vismayas this is such an amazing drawing. The smile in the child’s face reflects your passion and determination to draw. I look forward to see more such amazing drawings from you. Keep posting. Cheers!

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