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Drawing in Perspective

Drawing in Perspective

How to Draw in Perspective

Video Presentation
By Vladimir London

In this presentation you will find out answers to the following questions:

• What types of perspective can be used in drawing?
• What is perspective?
• Which method of perspective is the correct one?
• What are the main rules of perspective?
• History of drawing in perspective.
• How to draw in perspective using the following perspective types:
– One-point perspective;
– Two-point perspective;
– Three-point perspective;
– Four-point perspective;
– Photo-perspective;
– Perceptive perspective;
– Parallel perspective;
– Reverse perspective;
– Aerial or atmospheric perspective…

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Life Drawings by Nikolai Blokhin

Nikolai Blokhin Video

Contemporary Russian Realistic Art

Nikolai Blokhin is a contemporary fine artist who who keeps the old traditions of the Russian art school alive. His realistic yet stylish and vibrant drawings are full of living energy and Russian culture. By using minimal means of expression – a silhouette, tone spots, lines and gradations, Nikolai is able to create a phenomenal range of feelings depicted from life. He draws an expressive array of characters, while keeping his own style and viewpoint. They are full of spirit and soaked with Russian soul…

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Why Drawing from Photos is Treacherous

Drawing from photos

Why Drawing from Photos is Treacherous

This video is raising the following questions:

– Do you find drawings from photos appealing?
– Is drawing from photos Fine Art?
– Why do people draw from photos?
– When did drawing from photos start?
– Would the Old Masters use photography for their masterpieces?
– Copying from photos vs. fine drawing.
– Why is drawing from photos not good for you?
– How does the magic of drawing happen?
– How about drawing commissioned portraits from photos?
– How do I get good drawing skills?

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Drawing Academy Survey Winner Announcement

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Drawing Academy Survey 2013!

Thanks for all of your submissions to the Drawing Academy contest. A lot of you made some great feedback about the “How to Draw” Course.

We really appreciate your constructive critiques, suggestions and personal stories you shared with us. This valuable information will be used to improve the Drawing Academy Video Course.

It is time to announce the Drawing Academy Survey winner!

And the Winner is:

Tom Sarradet - Drawing Academy Survey Winner
Tom Sarradet
E.V. Cain STEM Charter Middle School Teacher
Auburn, California

Click the “READ MORE” button to see Tom’s story…

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Silverpoint Drawing Technique – Part 2

Silverpoint Drawing Technique - Part 2

Drawing in Silverpoint – Video [Part 2]

Almost lost secrets of the Old Masters
By Vladimir London

Silverpoint Examples – Drawing Academy Artworks

In the Drawing Academy Course you will see a step-by-step process of creation of the Life Portrait Drawing in Silverpoint.

This portrait is done on specially coated paper. The paper is tinted in a light pink-grey color, which compliments a natural skin tone of the model. Various metal-points were used for this drawing; the most used stylus was dead-soft pure silver.

Before starting a portrait of a model in metal-point, it is a good idea to make several sketches in pencil to familiarize yourself with the model’s face. This will help to avoid any drawing mistakes in metal-point. Making and comparing preliminary sketches also allow choosing the most interesting model’s pose for the future portrait in metal-point….

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Silverpoint Drawing Technique – Part 1

Silverpoint Drawing Technique - Part 1

Drawing in Silverpoint – Video [Part 1]

Almost lost secrets of the Old Masters
By Vladimir London

Metal-Point is an almost forgotten media. Today, the mainstream art education does not include metal-point drawing technique into a drawing curriculum and as a result, only few contemporary fine artists are creating artworks in this media.

The use of this fascinating technique has declined since the time of the Old Masters, when metal-point was arguably at its best. The allure of the Old Masters’ drawings in metal-point attracts visitors to museums still to these days.

The purpose of my story is to bring attention to this drawing technique and reveal some of its secrets…

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7 Most Asked Questions About the Drawing Academy Course Answered

Drawing Academy most asked questions

All you wanted to know about the ‘How to Draw’ course video:

Here at the DrawingAcademy.com website, we receive multiple letters from subscribers and visitors alike, asking questions about the Drawing Academy ‘How to Draw’ Video Course.

We appreciate your feedback greatly and are glad many of you find the website and the course informative and helpful in your quest to improve your drawing skills and become proficient fine artists.

Recently, Chris R. wrote out the most often asked questions our subscribers want to know. We decided to post the reply to Chris’ questions here…

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Art College Bubble

Art College Bubble

Art College Bubble – Video Presentation

The Shocking Truth About Contemporary Art Education.

You’ve been told so many times by your teachers and parents that getting good grades in school can help you to get into a better college. And having a good college education will help you to get a better job, which in turn will result in a higher salary and quality of life.

Most American art students today have the expectation of a good quality of life and a successful artistic career simply by obtaining a college art degree. It is not necessarily the case.

Traditional, good quality art education, is replaced by the teaching system that can be summarized in just two words: “express yourself.”

How did this happen? Who benefits from this system? And what you can do about it?…

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Contemporary Art Bubble

Contemporary Art Bubble

Contemporary Art Bubble – Video Presentation

Is contemporary art a “real deal” or another bubble destined to burst? Inflated art prices will continue to rise as long as art buyers are willing to pay stupid money for stupid artworks.

There is a reason why new artists cannot draw. Their teachers have graduated a decade ago; they are not able to teach what they have not learned from their teachers who graduated two decades ago. Instead, they lecture how to be creative. Five years of such an education can be compressed in the two-word phrase: “express yourself.” All they can teach is how to paint polka dots or downward- running, multi-colour lines.

Fine art is not lost as long as someone has skills to create artworks that are beautiful and serve the purpose of inspiring and portraying all good things human kind has. It gives a real sense of satisfaction that fine art is very much alive. It is under attack and speculation by contemporary art market manipulators. They are trying to persuade us, by immense price tags, that only revolting and shocking art is to be called art. It is fated to change. Hundreds of years from now, no one will remember rotted animals by Damien Hirst, otherwise known as, an outstanding idiocy to the visual arts of the 21st century…

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12 Biggest Drawing Mistakes – Video, Part 4

12 Biggest Drawing Mistakes - Part 4

VIDEO: Twelve Biggest Drawing Mistakes Every Fine Artist Must Avoid – Part 4

By Vladimir London

This Video part exposes the following common erroneous approaches:

Erroneous drawing approach #10:
Relying on tools like rulers, pair of compasses and grey-scale value cards instead of training your hand and developing essential skills of visual judgement.

Erroneous drawing approach #11:
Using Five-pencil drawing method instead of relying on one or two pencil grades and trained hand.

Erroneous drawing approach #12:
Smudging the graphite pencil for softer effects.

Are you making such drawing mistakes?
Watch this video to learn how to avoid them…

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