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Help! I Can’t Draw

Video Lesson by Vladimir London

help I can't draw

As one of the Drawing Academy’s tutors, I receive questions from art students who admit that they can’t draw.

Despite attending contemporary art colleges or being self-taught, they cannot make high-quality, realistic drawings from their imagination or from life. Many artists have to resort to copying from photos, using projectors, or tracing an image to reproduce it.

The many questions asked of me can be summarized in one phrase:

Help! I can’t draw; how can I improve?

So, how do you develop your drawing skills so you can draw whatever you want?

If this question resonates with you, then I hope this presentation will be helpful…

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Art Community Launch

Art community

Drawing Academy Art Community

The Drawing Academy has a unique Art Community where you can connect with creative people from all corners of the world.

Art Community offers:
1. Fine Art Competitions
2. Publication of Art Articles
3. Ask Tutors Questions
4. Artwork Critiques
5. Art Gallery
6. Student Feedback

It is free and easy to become a community member.

Here is how you can benefit: …

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Can You Learn to Draw by Copying?


How Best to Learn to Draw?

By Vladimir London

As the Drawing Academy tutor, I am often asked questions on how best to learn to draw.

There are many people who will copy someone else’s artwork to learn how to draw. There are also artists who draw pictures from photos.

So, what is the best way to learn? To copy or not to copy, that is the question.

To find out, click here »

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Insight into the Drawing Academy


In this video you will learn what lies behind Academy doors.

The Drawing Academy is the online Drawing Course and Art Community.

As an Academy student, you will experience three major benefits:

1. You will learn how to draw using traditional time-proven drawing techniques.
2. You will have unlimited personal support by Academy Tutors.
3. You will benefit from our Art Community…

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Congratulations to our first successful guest writer

Congratulations to our first successful guest writer

Coco Depink writes her way into the Drawing Course!

We congratulate Coco Depink, who published five articles about fine art and received free access to first month of the Drawing Academy “How to Draw” video course.

Coco Depink’s articles:
– Study of an Oriental Head for “The Marriage at Cana” Gaetano Gandolfi
– Was Sir Anthony van Dyck using Phthalo blue?
– Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Apollo and Phaeton
– Paul Cézanne: Bathers in landscape
– Manetti’s Dido and Aeneas explained

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Drawing Academy Art Competition Launch

Drawing Academy Art Competition Launch

Online Art Competition Provides The Chance To Learn How To Draw Skillfully

A new Art Competition has been launched by the Drawing Academy, an online ‘How to Draw’ video course. This Competition has the purpose of discovering and awarding talented art students worldwide with free high-quality art education. London UK. A brand-new Art Competition offering as prizes high-quality fine art education has just been launched online.

The Drawing Academy awards competition winners with its full lifetime scholarship. The Drawing Academy tutors, Vladimir London and Natalie Richy give classical drawing skills that follow traditions of the Old Masters. Such skills are no longer taught at contemporary art colleges and schools. Vladimir and Natalie have the vision that fine art serves the purpose to portray the…

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Thank You for Your Help!

Drawing Academy ‘Feedback Competition’ Winners

A couple of weeks ago, we asked for your help to provide feedback on DrawingAcademy.com. The response was overwhelming. We received many suggestions and critiques. All your feedback is very constructive and helpful. Thank you so very much for your support and participation. We listened to your suggestions and will gradually improve the Drawing Academy, so that it will become even more helpful and useful to you. There are many things we have already implemented, and many more will be released going forward. We promised to award the five most helpful contributors with a full Drawing Academy membership. It was a tough decision to choose winners from such a great pool of critiques and suggestions! Every point each of you made is valid and appreciated; we value all of your feedback. Nonetheless, we nominated the…

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What Makes Drawing Academy Unique

What Makes Drawing Academy Unique

What Makes Drawing Academy Unique

And what it means for you
By Vladimir London

As the Drawing Academy tutor, I receive questions on how the Drawing Academy is different from other drawing courses.

There are 7 specific reasons which make the Drawing Academy unique…

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Drawing in Perspective

Drawing in Perspective

How to Draw in Perspective

Video Presentation
By Vladimir London

In this presentation you will find out answers to the following questions:

• What types of perspective can be used in drawing?
• What is perspective?
• Which method of perspective is the correct one?
• What are the main rules of perspective?
• History of drawing in perspective.
• How to draw in perspective using the following perspective types:
– One-point perspective;
– Two-point perspective;
– Three-point perspective;
– Four-point perspective;
– Photo-perspective;
– Perceptive perspective;
– Parallel perspective;
– Reverse perspective;
– Aerial or atmospheric perspective…

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Life Drawings by Nikolai Blokhin

Nikolai Blokhin Video

Contemporary Russian Realistic Art

Nikolai Blokhin is a contemporary fine artist who who keeps the old traditions of the Russian art school alive. His realistic yet stylish and vibrant drawings are full of living energy and Russian culture. By using minimal means of expression – a silhouette, tone spots, lines and gradations, Nikolai is able to create a phenomenal range of feelings depicted from life. He draws an expressive array of characters, while keeping his own style and viewpoint. They are full of spirit and soaked with Russian soul…

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