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Drawing is my favourite pleasure

Drawing is my favourite pleasure

Story and artwork from Ana

Hello everybody!

Although throughout my life I have been a keen drawer, I only started to train seriously a few months ago, to give life to my drawings. My drawings, before taking some art classes, appeared too ugly to my eyes, because without knowing the rules of perspective, or the construction of the face and human anatomy, my sketches looked cartoonish, with eyes too close together, a face too long or too narrow, among a thousand other mistakes.

I was continually discouraged by the poor results of my drawings, and when I told myself that I would improve over time but saw no progress, my frustration was intense. So, I decided that practising drawing with good draftsmen, coupled with theory, was all I needed to see the change in my work that I wanted so badly.

I have been helping myself with some videos on youtube, to better understand how to draw realistically and I have learned some basic notions, but I think that nothing is more appropriate than a course where it is shown, step by step, everything that is essential to know for a draftsman. And my joy is even greater, knowing that this course teaches traditional art, a type of art that I have always wanted to emulate, and that its creators are excellent artists with so much professionalism and love for their work. That’s why I’m taking part in the competition, I want to complete my knowledge and achieve high quality work.

I believe that this is within my reach, that’s why I make an effort and put into practice the advice that I have been able to observe in the videos of the Academy Art Drawing channel, precious advice that any person dedicated to perfecting themselves longs for. My infinite gratitude to Natalie Richy, Vladimir London and his team, for the mere possibility of allowing me to compete, that is already a big enough sample of their kindness and selfless support to all the people who love and want to make a living from art.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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