Drawing by Mark Buhay

Andrew Walker

Hi, I’m Mark Buhay.

I’m still studying currently on the course called “Information Communication Technology”. I started drawing since I was young, but i didn’t really study drawing because of lack of money :(, Its been a hard time for me to draw portraits from pictures, still life, it always make me frustrated, so I just keep on drawing that only comes to my mind, especially this one, it was my original creation, I know its not good enough, but I’m willing to learn more.

I really want to draw, I i really want to express my expression, emotions, etc through drawing. So thats why I really want to Win The Drawing Academy course so I can study the art with good foundations, good mindset, good teachers that i really never have in my whole life. I hope that you vote for me, Thank you :)

Drawing by Mark Buhay

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