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Artwork by Natalia Rybii

Artwork by Natalia Rybii

Hi everyone!

My name is Natalia. As I can remembered myself art always was a part of my everyday life. At first, there were many colored books, then my own drawings, then some art classes at school and finally many books about fine art. Nevertheless, all this was undirected and without any guidance.

Unfortunately, life turned that way that I rejected art as my future profession. But art have never rejected me! My spirit and my soul wanted to create art. I began to read many books about art history, artists biography etc., but when it comes to draw by myself, I realize that I just can’t, my hands don’t want to recreate my thoughts. This is very frustrating! I understand that this is because I have some empty spots in human anatomy, perspective, shading.

I am sure that The Drawing Academy course will help me with this.

I love art so much that I changed my specialization into a graphic design and refilling my empty spots in drawing and composition will help me to become better as a professional designer.

If you liked my drawing, please vote for me! I would really appreciate your help!

Artwork by Natalia Rybii

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