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Artwork by Anita

I am in love with drawing and painting


My name is Anita, I live in Germany and I love old masters works. I started to paint late at the age at 17 and even later, theoretically, to deal with art as well and finally I discovered my admiration for the old masters.

I painted a lot in allaprima and so,painting in many layers was a challenge to my patience because I had to take a break for two weaks after every layer.

Besides, I have realized that it is indispensable for the modeling people and especially their faces, that I know and can draw the human anatomy, and that I understand light and shadow.

For this reason and my enthusiasm for art in general, I applied to a university for art, was accepted and exmatriculated myself before the end of the first semster.

The reason for the exmatriculation is that I could not learn the tool for painting and drawing in the sense of the old masters there. In the west, most universities are geared towards contemporary art. There the idea counts more as, the skill in itself.

Just because studying does not give me the knowledge of this painting I would like to win this competition to grow in my abilities.

Why should you vote for me as winner? Because I consider art as an important ingredient in my life, my first goal is to be able to draw and paint well, and then I can share that with like-minded people.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Artwork by Anita

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