Drawing by Lin Hui Lee

Drawing by Lin Hui Lee

From Within to Without

I have always dreamt of becoming an artist since I was a child yet never had the chance to realise this dream. I’ve been taught that one can never make a living as an artist and that pretty much affected the choices I’ve made. I did not choose to pursue art in school and when I finally decided that I wanted to in university, it was too late because I didn’t have the pre-requisites.

Yet my dream has not deserted me. I always have that desire to draw and paint though I don’t really know how to. When I moved to the UK, I finally had the chance to learn how to draw/ paint in leisure drawing and painting classes. Yet I feel that something is missing. Yes, I learnt how to draw/ copy from pictures but it’s a huge challenge for me to draw from life. I just don’t know where to start from. Art is a manifestation from within to without. I want to learn to express from within – what I feel, my memories, my ideas and imagination. I don’t want to merely copy what I see.

I believe I have found the right place to learn at Drawing Academy. The idea that you draw what you know, not what you see is very empowering to me. You express from within, the tools are found within you. This is my desire – to manifest and create art from within. Winning the Drawing Academy course would allow me to fulfill this desire and I hope people would vote for me.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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